Offsite Back up Pricing

How much does DATASure offsite backup cost?

There is no setup fee and no software license fee, nor are there additional charges for data transfer and online recovery.

When comparing prices with a traditional tape system, is it necessary to consider the administration costs for a tape backup system. Assuming a conservative 20 minutes per day, this adds up to ten working days per year for an administrator - over $3000 / year in business costs. This is in addition to the costs to purchase and maintain software, hardware and tapes, which can themselves, become redundant in time.

Offsite backup is cheaper, faster and better than a traditional tape solution - so why not try it risk-free for 30 days?
Pricing is for compressed data space, not your original data size.

Larger volumes (up to 100GB per server) cost more and prices are available on request.

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Why do our customers like the DATASure internet based backup solution their Business? For obvious reasons – online backup gives organisations absolute control; implementation is quick and seamless; and nothing offers more flawless, automated protection.


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