Offsite Back Up Benefits

What are the benefits of DATASure offsite backup?

DATASure offsite backup is cheaper, faster and better than tape backup.  Perhaps a bold statement, but here are some of the arguments:

No capital Outlay. No set up of license fees.
Low operating costs. Zero staff time needed for backup recovery / zero tape costs.
Installation is complete within minutes. No searching for the right tapes or the right data.
Automated daily back up provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle. Provides support fo MS Exchange and MS Servers.
Works with individual PCs / laptops & file servers / network shares. Secure technology and secure data centres located in Australia.

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DATASure Assist

DATASure Assist is a revolution in support. Using our custom built software package, remote assistance can be leveraged for your installation regardless of your firewall security.


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