Offsite back up FAQs

Who uses DATASure offsite backup?

DATASure offsite Backup is used by many organisations in Australia including insurance brokers, legal providers, accountants, consulting organisations, financial planners, manufacturers, Auto-service industry, distributors, not-for-profit and service organisations.

The F.S.R.A applies to my business, does DATASure help me?

Yes DATASure is designed for A.F.S Licensees that have to adhere to the Financial Services Regulatory Act (F.S.R.A) and in particular the requirements of PS 164. In just a few minutes you can ensure that you meet the strict criteria of the data backup requirements.

What are the limitations of DATASure offsite backup?

DATASure offsite Backup needs an internet connection to work.

This can be traditional dial-up or ISDN for smaller data volumes, or ideally a broadband connection such as ADSL, Cable, DSL and Leased Line. These have the advantage of faster transmission rates, no usage call charges and the ability to handle large volumes of data.

The initial backup process can take some time, because a full copy of the data must be encrypted, compressed and copied to the data centre.

Further daily backups are significantly faster because of the FASTBit II technology employed by our software. Only compressed and encrypted file changes are transmitted.  These changes are typically at a ‘byte’ level within a file i.e. if a change is made to a previously backed up document, only the change to that document is sent, not the whole document.

Is DATASure offsite backup secure?

Yes it is very secure. Connections are made to the offsite data centre and data is encrypted to AES (military grade) before transmission.  Data never travels un-encrypted, including during the restore process.

A password, an account name and an encryption key all ensure that only the authorised user has access to the data.

These factors together ensure that the service is considerably more secure than the client’s own office environment.

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DATASure Assist

DATASure Assist is a revolution in support. Using our custom built software package, remote assistance can be leveraged for your installation regardless of your firewall security.


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